Tech – Account Access California LifeLine Apply or Renew Online

Account Access – Apply or Renew Online:

  • Users of the California LifeLine Service can login to their account using the applicant phone number or application number along with their Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Before logging in with this information you will also be prompted to provide information as to how you heard of the California LifeLine program – a drop down box will provide options
  • Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) can be found on your application page – if this is a renewal, your PIN can also be found on your renewal form as well
  • If your form came with an applicant phone number (which would be the number for the LifeLine discount) enter this information otherwise use the enrollment code

The California LifeLine program is designed to provide State funded assistance to eligible residents of California.  The service will provide discounts for phone or cell phone services.  It is important to note that only one discount is available for each household applying for this benefit, therefore, you cannot choose to have the discount for both your home and cell phone service – just one or the other.  There are two ways which applicants can qualify for this program – one is “program based” – this means that if you are already part of an eligible program such as Medicaid, you may be eligible.  The other requisite is income based – there are household income thresholds which can also determine eligibility for this program.

Additional Information About the California LifeLine Program:

  • In order to complete your application process you must first have received your official form from the California LifeLine Program Administrator
  • If you do not yet have a form, you will need to contact the California LifeLine Services directly in order to begin the process of obtaining a form and determining eligibility
  • Only one phone number may be eligible for this program per household