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BUTTERFINGER Armchair Quarterback Sweepstakes

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  • Sweepstakes ends on 12/31/15

We all know the type: the vocal sports fan, the armchair quarterback, who can’t refrain from offering his or her two cents during every down in the game. It’s painfully obvious just how much these folks would love to be in the stands, shouting their support and criticisms from the sidelines. Now this is possible with BUTTERFINGER’s Armchair Quarterback Sweepstakes. The good folks at Nestle have paired up with Tickets.com and Sport Authority to offer fans the opportunity to get up off the couch and head to the game of their choice. And it is most definitely a choice, because one Grand Prize winner will receive a $4,000 gift card from Tickets.com. The winner can use this card to purchase tickets, or even concerts and theater performances.

How to enter the BUTTERINGER Armchair Quarterback Sweepstakes

  • Visit the promo page (see below)
  • Enter your birthday in the drop-down tabs
  • Enter your name, email and address in the text fields
  • Agree to the official rules
  • Click “Let’s Play”

Folks can also enter by connecting via their Facebook profile. And for those who don’t win the Grand Prize, there’s no need to worry. The Sweepstakes will be giving out one weekly prize from now until the contest terminates in the form of a $500 gift card from Sports Authority. So even those who can’t make it to the big game can still dress the part.

Contacting the Sweepstakes

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