Credit – Bloomingdale’s Credit Card Account and Bill Payment

Bloomingdale’s Credit Card Account and Bill Payment:

Store branded credit cards account for a very significant portion of consumer credit cards in the USA.  Many stores provide their branded cards as an incentive for customers to continue shopping at their company by providing rewards in the form of cash back, reward points, and savings.  The Bloomingdale’s credit card provides a variety of rewards for customers and customers also have the convenience of managing their card online through the Bloomingdale Credit Gateway portal.  Customers who have registered their card online can access their account by following the sign link and providing the email address and password registered with their credit card.  Once you are logged in to your account, cardholders will be able to manage their card settings, personal information, view transaction history and submit online payments.

Additional Details Regarding The Bloomingdale’s Credit Gateway and Credit Card:

  • If you are cardholder who has not registered for an online account you can follow the create an account link where you can register a new account by setting up your login info and verifying  your account (account number will be required to set up)
  • Some customers may not feel comfortable paying their bill online and mailing, phone payment, and in store payments are available as  alternative ways to submit your bill for payment
  • New cardholders enjoy a one time discount of 15% off their purchase up to $250 dollars off on their sign up purchase
  • Cardholders will receive 2 points for purchases of cosmetics, shoes, and fragrances and 1 point for all other Bloomingdale’s purchases

For cardholders who are attempting to activate a new card, you will find an activation link near the bottom of the Bloomingdale’s Credit Gateway which will direct you to the activation page.  Cardholders will be required to provide their name, card account number, security code and the last 4 digits of their SSN to activate a new card.  Once an American Express Bloomingdale’s card is activated it is ready for use and customers can begin managing their account online.