Financial – Visa BitPay Card Activation

Visa BitPay Card Activation:

  • BitPay Card holders can visit the main activation page to set up their new card for use – your card will remain inactivated until you have completed the activation process
  • In order to activate a new card you will need to the card number (found on the card) – enter the number in the requested field and provide your expiration date to begin activation
  • If you do not have a card but are interested in setting up a BitPay Card you can apply and order a card through the main website by completing the registration and application process
  • BitPay Card allows users to easily set up an account to turn your Bitcoins in to dollars (USD) which can be used in some cases more easily that Bitcoins themselves

Bitcoins have become an immensely popular crypto-currency and continue to skyrocket in terms of value and reach.  Since their debut, the value of Bitcoins has grown unbelievable fast relative to other currencies.  Additionally, Bitcoin is being accepted by more and more vendors across the globe.  You can even find Bitcoin ATMs all over the world.  The BitCard is available to consumers as a way to have Bitcoins be more accessible in other currency – in this case, the US Dollar.  Once you receive  your new card you can use your Bitcoins from your existing Bitcoin Wallet and load your card with USD.  Your card can then be used as a regular debit card anywhere Visa is accepted allowing you to seamlessly access your Bitcoins for use as USD.

More Details Regarding the BitPay Card:

  • This card has available features such as direct deposit which allows you to automatically set up recurring deposits such as an employer paycheck
  • In addition to using your card with both online and in person retailers, you can also use your card at ATMs to withdraw your pre-loaded funds
  • If you already have an account you can visit the login screen and provide your login details to access you BitCard account online