Promotional – AT&T Service Options and Promotions

AT&T Service Options and Promotions:

AT&T provides a variety of services including mobile phone services, AT&T Internet, DirectTV Satellite Television, and home phone services.  If you are receiving services with AT&T for any of the previously mentioned features you may have noticed website included on your bill where you can find out more about the offers provided to consumers through AT&T.  When viewing the offers on the Get More AT&T page you can explore various packages and pricing which can help you decide if you would like to change, update, or begin receiving new services with AT&T.  You can also compare the listed prices with what you may currently be paying with a different provider to determine if there may be able better options which meet your media and entertainment needs.

Additional Details Regarding AT&T Offers and Services:

  • DirectTV was recently acquired by AT&T and is offered as Satellite service including various packaging options depending on what channels you would like to have available at your home
  • When visiting the AT&T service offerings you will need to check the availability for the location you are looking to receive services which will allow your to determine if TV, Internet and Phone is available (Street Address and Zip Code required to check)
  • Pricing is listed by the package your select and various promotional offers will be listed depending on which services you elect to purchase
  • When you select a new service you will sign a 24 month contract and early termination fees will apply in the event that you choose to terminate your services early

There are many providers of internet, television and phone service providers throughout the country.  Depending on what is available in your area it is worthwhile to explore and promotional offers and deals.  Currently AT&T is providing promotional offers such as a prepaid AT&T Visa Card, free installation offers, and more when signing up for new services under a new contract agreement.  Offers available will vary by provider and by what is available at the time of sign up so consumers can check back regularly with AT&T to determine if any promotions fit their needs.