Financial – Asus Rebate Center

Asus Rebate Center:

  • Asus customers who have recently purchased an Asus product which is eligible for a rebate can visit this site to find the rebate form
  • Visitors to the Asus Rebate Center can search products using the rebate Offer Code they received from their purchase or search a rebate form by product category
  • If you are trying to track a rebate you can following to tracking link on the main page and will need to provide either your tracking number and zip code or email and zip code
  • Rebate forms can be printed from the rebate center and then completed using the information from your product – once completed the form can be sent to the rebate center via mail

Many companies offer rebates to their customers for products which are not discounts taken at the time of purchase.  Instead, rebates typically work when the customer completes the rebate form and submits their rebate for processing.  The biggest thing to remember with rebates is to be sure to complete any rebate forms prior to processing deadlines.  One other useful tip with rebates is that many are not paid on prepaid cards – be sure to make sure there is not an expiration date on your card or a date at which time the value depreciates.

Asus Customers can quickly find their rebate and submit their form for processing by visiting the rebate center and searching for their rebate form.  With Asus rebate forms you can submit the online application but will still need to complete the mail in form and send this in.  By completing the online portion you can quickly reference the status of your rebate with your tracking number.

Additional Information Regarding Asus Rebate Center:

  • You will need the proof of purchase (UPC) which is found on your product packaging to complete the rebate process
  • The rebate center with Asus is available in English, Spanish and French and can be changed from one to the other with a click