Credit – Fifth Third Bank Card Apply

Fifth Third Bank Card Apply:

  • If you have received a credit offer through Fifth Third Bank you can visit this application page to accept your offer and begin the application process
  • In order to begin your application process you will need to have received a credit offer which will contain a unique ID number which will need to be entered prior to applying
  • To complete the initial process, enter the Unique ID as mentioned above and then provide your zip code – this will direct you to your application page to continue the process
  • Applying for a new line of credit can be very useful but it is encouraged that you are in a comfortable place with  your credit history prior to submitting for new lines of credit

Fifth Third Bank provides customers with credit offers which can be accepted by completing the application.  If you received a pre-screened offer you will still need to complete the full credit application process (in general, when you receive any pre-approval offer this does not necessarily guarantee approval).  Credit applications will involve providing some basic information such as your contact information, your basic financial information, and verification information such as your social security number.

New lines of credit often result in a credit check and this will be reflected in your credit history.  When a bank or other financial institution checks your credit history, this is not a major factor in your overall score but it should be considered as you do not want to have an excessive amount of credit checks on your report.

Additional Information Regarding the Fifth Third Bank Credit Card:

  • Your offer is only available for you – if you received an offer you cannot provide your Unique ID to another person – this is a non-transferable offer
  • Fifth Third Bank Credit Card offers are not available to residents in the states of Vermont and Montana


1 (800) 972-3030