Survey – Michelin Wiper Promo Survey

Michelin Wiper Promo Survey

  • Tell Michelin what you thought of your customer experience
  • Take the Michelin promo survey online
  • Receive a free set of windshield wipers!

Michelin has been the first name in tire manufacturers for well over 100 years. In fact, it has risen to become one of the top three tire manufacturers in the world. You don’t reach those heights without providing stellar customer service. Since Michelin never wants to lag on this front, they are always eager to get customer feedback and find out how they are doing. The online age makes this process a breeze, as now customers can head over to the promo site (see below) and tell Michelin exactly what they think. Michelin also understands that their customers’ time is valuable. That’s why they are partnering with Action Car and Truck Accessories to offer a free pair of windshield wiper blades to those who take the time to complete the survey.

How to take the Michelin Wiper Promo Survey

  • Visit the promo page and select the “Click to Start Survey” tab
  • Enter your invoice number in the text field
  • Enter the Action Car and Truck Accessories location where you made your purchase (as found on the customer receipt)
  • Enter the make and model of the vehicle for which you’d like the free wipers
  • Enter the promo questions when prompted
  • Enter your contact information

The survey requests your personal details in order to fulfill the free-wiper promotion. The promo is limited to one person per household per survey. On top of giving away a free set of windshield wipers, Michelin will also donate $1 to the Canadian Cancer Society for every person who takes a survey. It’s a way to help out while also receiving a free gift in return—all for telling Michelin your thoughts!

Contacting Michelin

  • 1-855-560-2233