Educational Financial – AARP Member Registration

AARP Member Registration:

  • AARP Members can register and create an online account to further personalize their AARP membership
  • To register members will have to provide their AARP Member ID which can be found on the AARP membership card
  • In addition to your membership ID you will need to provide you name and date of birth in order to complete your online registration
  • Online registration is not required in order to enjoy the benefits provided by your AARP membership – you can use your card without online registration

AARP is a membership based non-profit organization for people over the age of 50.  AARP members have access to all of the tools and resources available through AARP such as retirement planning, money management, healthcare information, and discounts on products and travel.  The goal of AARP is to provide savings and resources available to members so that they have access to tools necessary to enjoy their lives with financial security.  AARP is not a free service, one year of membership is approximately $16.  Members can also learn about Medicare health plans which are available such as plans though United Healthcare AARP Medicare Complete.

In addition to providing resources for financial assistance for adults, AARP membership also comes with additional potential benefits such as discounts and savings.  Many members take advantage off of discounts for lunch and dinners at restaurants which participate in the AARP discount.  Additionally, members can find possible savings on things like cell phone plans, insurance needs, and more.  AARP also provides all members with a subscription to their award winning AARP magazine which contains the latest information about that is going on with AARP and their members.

More Information About AARP Membership:

  • Individuals who are eligible to join AARP can register and join by paying the yearly membership fee
  • To register you will need to provide your contact information such as your name, date of birth, address, and email address
  • There are savings when pay for membership beyond 1 year – discounts are available at 3 and 5 year membership increments
  • Membership is free for your spouse or partner, only one payment is required you simply include your spouse/partners information upon registration