Financial – Sears Working Info Online


  • Access your Sears working info through MyHR
  • Check pay cycles and direct deposits
  • Receive pension and retirement info

Sears has long endeavored to provide their employees with the most efficient human resources services around. Now they have further improved upon that standard by offering workers access to a centralized online location filled with every resource under the sun. Sears’ MyHR eliminates the need for making an appointment with the human resources department by bring that department directly to the employee. Via MyHR, folks can log onto their own personal account and check work schedules and paycheck info. It’s the most efficient way yet to arm employees with the practical info they need to plan their working life.

Some other features available from Sears’ MyHR

  • W-2 management
  • Print tax forms online
  • Receive benefits news
  • 401 (k) information
  • View Sears’ Code of Conduct policy

On top of these great features, Sears makes it simple for any employee to check their work schedule and view paycheck data. All they need to do is navigate to the homepage (see above) and access the MPI (My Personal Information) system. From there all that’s required is for the employee to enter his or her enterprise ID and password, and they will have full access to their schedule and paychecks.

Even non-employees of Sears can get in on the act. Those who visit the site can select the “Careers Website” option in the “Resources & Contacts” drop-down menu. They will then be taken to the careers page where they can search a database of over 13,000 jobs on offer from Sears. Those who feel they are qualified for a certain position can then apply quickly and easily online.

Contacting Sears IT help desk

  • 1-877-742-6948