Financial – Card Activation First National Bank Texas

Card Activation First National Bank Texas:

  • Customers of First National Bank Texas can visit this website if they have recently received a First Nation Bank Texas Debit MasterCard which requires activation
  • New card will not be able to be used until they have been verified and activated – This is a security feature to prevent new cards from winding up in the wrong hands
  • To activate your new card you will need several pieces of information before activation can be completed including your zip code, last four digits of you SSN, and last four digits of your card
  • Once your activation process has been completed your card will be available for use – you only need to activate a new card during the initial activation process

First National Bank Texas and their division, First Convenience Bank Texas, offer their customers banking options including debit cards through MasterCard.  Debit cards are very useful financial tools as they allows individuals a direct line of access to the funds which are located in the account associated with the debit card.  With this said, it is obvious that certain security features are in place to ensure the wrong people do not have access to your account funds.  The first step in this process is verifying the identity of the individual account holder prior to activating the card.  Additional steps include features such as the use of a PIN number which is associated with most debit cards.  For the activation process and for many purchases (such as online or over the phone purchases) you will also need to provide the card’s expiration month and year as an additional layer of security.

Additional Information about First National Bank Texas Debit Activation:

  • All four fields of the activation form are required in order to continue the activation process
  • First National Bank Texas has been serving customers since 1901 – enduring for well over 100 years