Educational – 1800Contact Contact Lens Rebates

1800Contact Contact Lens Rebates:

  • Customers who purchase their contact lenses through 1800Contacts can visit this page to begin the rebate process on purchases which were eligible for rebates
  • In order to begin the rebate process, 1800Contact Customers will need to provide their order number which can be found in the confirmation email or on your purchase order
  • Once you have provided your order number you will then be direct to your rebate form or your rebate forms – these forms are specific to your purchase and to your order number
  • Once you have obtained the rebate form you can this print this form and complete the requested information at which time the form will be ready to ship to the Rebate Processing Center

1800Contacts is a company which has completely changed the way many contact wearers purchase their contacts.  Traditionally, contacts wearers had to visit their eye care provider everytime they needed a new supply of contacts.  This requires gas, effort and – most importantly – time.  Instead of having to make the visit to your eye care provider, 1800Contacts can deliver your contacts right to your door to save you the unnecessary troubling of picking up your contacts.  Many of the products offered through 1800Contacts come with rebate opportunities which can be redeemed for even more savings.

1800 Contacts provides the name brand contact lenses customers wear such as Accuvue, Soflens, Ait Optix, Dailies, and many more.  When you visit the main page your can select from a drop down menu to quickly navigate to the brand of contacts you need to purchase.

Additional Information about 1800Contacts Rebate:

  • Once you have sent your completed rebate for to the Rebate Processing Center you can expect your rebate to arrive in approximately 6 to 8 weeks
  • 1800Contacts provides free shipping on orders and also has a competitive price matching program