Tech – Redbox Play Pass Account Information

Redbox Play Pass Account Information:

  • The Redbox Play Pass allows Redbox users to earn reward points by doing what they are already up to – renting media from Redbox
  • For each 10 rentals you purchase, customers with the Redbox Play Pass will receive one free rental which can be used at any Redbox location
  • In addition to receiving reward points for each time you make a Redbox purcahse, you will also get free rentals on select dates such as your birthday and surprise bonus specials throughout
  • Redboxes are located throughout the United States at many popular retail locations which allows them to reach a large audience and provide rental services automatically

Redbox is a popular chain of automatic media rental services.  The transaction is performed at the kiosk using a touch screen and credit card to complete your transaction.  To use a Redbox, a customer needs to have a credit/debit card – cash is not accepted at Redbox locations.  If you think about it, cash would not work on a Redbox because a record of the purchase needs to be stored in order to ensure the return of the rented product – this is also one big reason why no registration is needed to use the services.

There are over 42,000 Redbox locations throughout the United States.  They can most commonly be found at pharmacies, fast food restaurants, gas stations and other quick in and out retail type locations.  Redbox media services include DVD rentals, Blu-Ray rentals and video game rentals.

Additional Information about Redbox Services:

  • Rentals are charged at a day by day basis.  If you purchase a rental and return it the next day, this would be a charge for a 1 day purchase
  • Redbox Play Pass participants accumulate 10 points per rental and each 100 points provides one free rental purchase
  • In order to participate in the Play Pass Reward system you must register online with an email and password