rainguard.com/racing – Rainguard Ultimate Racing Fan Experience Sweepstakes

Rainguard Ultimate Racing Fan Experience Sweepstakes:

  • During this sweepstakes promotion, Rainguard is giving away a prize to three lucky winners for the Ultimate Racing Fan Experience at Texas Motor Speedway
  • The prize for each winner is a package for two – this means that not only will the winner be invited for the Ultimate Racing Fan Experience but they will be able to bring a guest too
  • There are three different race events which will be given away during the promotional period – each event is a different month during the 2017 racing season
  • The prize includes round trip airfare to the event, hotel accomedations for 2 nights while at the event, VIP passes, and VISA gift cards for spending money

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The Rainguard Ultimate Racing Fan Experience Sweepstakes are events which occur on three separate dates –  1) April 7-9, 2017  2) June 8-10, 2017  #) November 2-5, 2017.  During the registration for the sweepstakes, participates can select which event they would like to be eligible for.  This is important to remember if one of the weekends is a more convenient date than other options.

Additional Information About this Sweepstakes:

  • This sweeps begins December 16, 2016 and ends May 15, 2017  The winners of the sweepstakes will be announced on May 1, 2017 at 1pm PST
  • In order to enter you will need to provide your name, your email, your state (legal US residents only), and your zipcode