Financial – Paperless Pay Employer Code Entry

Paperless Pay Employer Code Entry:

  • Employees who are employed by companies which use the Equifax payroll services for their employee payments can provide their employer code to begin and view their payment account
  • Each employer who uses this service will have a unique employee code – employees much make sure they are entering the code which corresponds to their particular employer
  • Once the correct code has been entered, you can then proceed with the paperless pay set up and account management – you will need to first verify your identity to set up your payments
  • This paperless payment portal is management and run by Equifax which is a large financial company which provides workforce solutions to businesses of all sizes

Many employers are shifting from providing physical paychecks to paperless payments.  In the past, many employees were used to getting off work on payday, driving to the bank, and standing in long lines with everyone else who was just paid today.  It was a constant struggle to see whether or not you could make it to the bank before they close for the day.  This is quickly becoming a problem of the past as many employers have completely switched their payroll to paperless payment methods.  The ease and convenience is great for employees who know they will be paid with direct deposits.  It also benefits the employers who saves money by no longer printing checks every week.  Lastly, it benefits the environment by removing another piece of wasteful paper from the world.

Additional Information about Paperless Pay by Equifax:

  • If you do not know your employer payroll code you will need to contact your employer to be provided with this information
  • You will need to select your your paperless payment is made each month – in many cases this will require having an active bank account registered in your name