Tech – Dell Repair Status Customer Look Up

Dell Repair Status Customer Look Up:

  • If you are currently receiving repairs to a product through Dell Repair Depot you can visit this website to view the most up to date status of your repair
  • There are four fields which can be completed on this webpage – Service Tag, Express Service Code, Reference Number/Dispatch Number, and your zip code
  • It is not necessary to provide information in all of these fields to access your repair status – simply complete one of the first three fields and then provide your zip code
  • Once you have completed the required fields you can then submit your status request and will be redirected to your repair status specific to your product/service

Dell is one of the best known technology and computer companies in the United States.  Specializing in cutting edge PC technology, almost everyone has used a Dell product or purchased a Dell product at some point in their lives.  Because of their prevalence, there are also many people who are seeking repairs for their products based on numbers alone (Dell is known for their high quality/damage resistant products).  If you currently have an outstanding repair with Dell you can visit this website on an internet enabled device to view your repair status.

Dell is an international company and if you are looking for service repair status requests you can select the appropriate county at the top of this screen (Canada and Brazil).  Additionally, if you would prefer to view this website in Portuguese (Brazil customers) you can select this from the drop down menu.

Additional Information about Dell Repair Status Page:

  • Your service code will be a 7 character code and your express service code will be a 10 to 11 digit numeric code (for laptops)
  • You can find your express service code on your device by using the tool provided by Dell which will automatically scan your device to provide this code


1 (800) 624-9897