Credit – Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card Information

Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card Information:

  • The Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card is a newly offered credit card through Chase Bank which offers travel rewards to consumers
  • Applicants can now apply for this credit card through the online application form or by visiting their local Chase Bank Branch where they can apply in person
  • Rewards points which are redeemed through Chase Ultimate Rewards Redemption website they receive 50% more value for the points they spend on travel services
  • Current Chase cardholders interested in this card may be able to upgrade their current credit card however you will need to check with your card to determine eligibility

This credit card is being offered through Chase Bank as a premium travel rewards which is evident by the annual fee which is $450.  While there is a annual fee associated with this card there are also a number rewards which are just as premium as the annual fee.  Each year, for being a Chase Sapphire Reserve member, cardholders will receive a $300 dollar travel credit which can be used for travel expenses such as flights and hotels accommodations – this is applied as a reimbursement for eligible travel expenses using your Sapphire Reward Card.

In addition to the travel credit which is automatically applied each year, the card also offers additional rewards such as 3x points on travel expenses such as hotel and flight expenses.  Cardholders will also receive 3x points on all dining purchases made worldwide.  Cardholders will also receive 1x points on all other purchases made using their Sapphire Reserve Card.  As a current promotion for this new card, applicants who are approved will receive 100,000 points after $4,000 are spent on their new card within the first 3 months of activation – this would be equal to $1,500 in travel credit which is redeemed through Chase Ultimate Rewards Redemption Website.

Additional Information About the Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card:

  • In order to apply, applicants will need to supply contact information and additional personal information such as social security number and income information
  • Apply for this credit card will result in a credit inquiry which will reflect on your credit report – applicants should have a positive credit history prior to applying for new lines of credit


1 (800) 432-3117