Tech – Apple Support Product Repair Status

Apple Support Product Repair Status:

  • When visiting this website customers who are looking up their product repair status will need to provide information in two fields to access their repair
  • The first field requests either your Case ID or your repair ID – your Case ID will be provided when submitting your repair and your Repair ID will be provided in the confirmation email
  • The second field requests information specific to you and your product, your Zip Code or product serial number – serial can be found on your device or in the device settings
  • Once you have provided the requested information you can then submit your request and will be directed to a webpage specific to your product repair status

One of the most frustrating experiences electronic users encounter can be waiting for a device they rely on to be repaired.  Apple is one of the largest electronic device developers in the world and are known for their cutting edge products.  Apple users who have submitted a product for repair can view their repair status on this webpage as was outlined above.  Additionally, if you have an Apple account with a user ID you can simply log in to your account to view your repair status.

If you have multiple repairs which are taking place simultaneously, the easiest way to view all of the repair statuses is to log in to your Apple account.  When using the look up fields on this webpage you will only be looking at a single product repair status.  If you have multiple repairs, each repair will need to be searched for separately.

Additional Information about Apple Product Repair Status:

  • If you are attempting to log in to your Apple account you will need to have your Apple ID and the associated password to access
  • For serial code look up on the iPad and iPhone you can visit the settings page, then general tab, and finally about tab to view specifics of your device