Educational – Costco Business Delivery Center

Costco Business Delivery Center: Consumers have been flocking to Costco over the years for many reasons but one of the lesser known services they provide is designed for businesses to keep their day to day necessities available and on hand at all times.  People may best know Costco for their large warehouse stores which seemingly […]

Educational – UPS My Choice Tracking and Delivery Activation

UPS My Choice Tracking and Delivery Activation: One of the challenges with delivery is that at times it can be difficult to schedule a delivery with your other obligations – the goal of UPS My Choice is to help customers better anticipate their delivery and manage their delivery and tracking options.  If you have set […]

Educational – Canon Product Setup and Operating Information

Canon Product Setup and Operating Information: If you have recently purchased or otherwise received a new Canon Product you may be directed to the setup page which can help guide you through the process of getting your new device up and running.  While it can be difficult at times to figure out how to get […]

Educational – Dexcom Glucose Monitoring System

Dexcom Glucose Monitoring System: Patients who have the need to continually monitor their blood glucose levels can visit the Dexcom website to learn about the features this device provides and also learn about what type of coverage may be available for them if they are interested in using this device for their health needs.  Making […]